July 6, 2018


What is stopping you living the life you want? Too many people are living their Fears instead of their dreams. We are stopping living our lives because of the fear of what will people think about us, because our beliefs, to accomplish other people expectations. We have to accept  fear as a part of life specifically the fear of change. 


Fear is a natural emotion, the purpose of fear is to promote survival. Have you ever ask yourself what would be happen it you ever feel any fear? The simple answer is: we wouldn't survive for the longest time. Fear is not the problem, although is useful for our common life. The real problem is a disfuncional emotion. 


The function of fear is to alert us to separate ourselves from danger, and the natural reaction is to take coverThe threat  that are present in our lives can be real and the fear is a great protector of ours and we should never overlook it. But in other circumstances threat is not real, it is just an alert that our brain activate when we are about to leave our comfort zone.


The biggest problem is when fear does not allowed us to move along or enjoy life.  Just because that experience that we are living or we are about to live it's totally different of ours beliefs.


But, How can I transform my fears in to Super Powers?



Recognize if that fear is real or if it just an belief. I recommend you write a list with all of yours fears, and so you realize your true emotions, when you truly honest with yourself it will surprise you the good feeling. 



Be sincere with yourself. Nobody should know your true feelings. Once you start listening to yourself you will understand the big picture, your true emotions will pop up and then you should be congruent to avoid empty feelings. 



As I mentioned before some of our beliefs are inherited from our family, friends or our environment. Do you really identify with the fears that you think you have? Or maybe you only have the fear of failing? 



Failure is not was we been taught. Failure is the way that we realize what we have to improve. IF EVERYTHING CAME OUT THE WAY WE WANT IT TO,  we will lose the fun in our accomplishments. 


FEAR is very positive and useful because it indicates us there is something about to change in our lives. Next time you feel a Non realistic threat, listening to yourself before any decision. And always remember FEAR is also a symptom of a deep desire of a positive change in our lives.  Sincere yourself in what really makes your happy, you will be surprise how that fear can transform in your Superpower to take action in your live. At the end, you might fail... but in the long run you will succeed.  



Liliana Estrada is a Self-Esteem Enhancement Speaker, Radio Broadcaster, Tv host and Abstract Artist. In her conferences she promotes Art in many different ways. This article was based on The Crystal Box Book writing By Liliana Estrada, that will come out at the end of 2018.

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