July 1, 2018


Regardless if you are young teenager, legally adult, or fully grown adult; at one point of your life, you’ll have to go through the so dreaded “Job Interview”. No matter if we need a couple “bucks” to go to the movies, buy your first car, home, or support your family, getting a job will always be necessary and unavoidable. But the question remains the same. How to give the best impression? Or, how to show I’m qualified and capable?


In this section of the magazine, you will find useful information in matters of perception. Which is the “adequate” or pertinent image? How to project a convenient image to our personal and professional goals? And of course, how to adapt them to the current COOL-TURE, social media and trends. To kick off with the “job interview” issue, we must begin from the 2 fundamental pillars: Non-Verbal Image and Personal Image.

Non-Verbal Image is everything we communicate without using of words. From our outfits, posture, facial expression, etc. Now, if you’re like me and BOTOX is your best friend LOL, you’ll have to be extremely careful with your facial expressions. The last thing you want is to show no emotion or a weird reaction when your future boss is talking about sensitive issues LOL.


Always make eye contact long enough to say in your mind: “Hello, how are you? I am what you seek for this position”. Not longer than that, or you’ll looking a little creepy to your future boss. Walk confident and remember, when you speak, think first on HOW are you communicating. The way you speak, combined with your personal image will be a key factor up to 93% if you get the job or not.


The second pillar is your Personal Image. It comes from the Non-Verbal Image and they compliment one another. The first thing you have to do is analyze the job you are interviewing for. What is the essence of that company or institution? Does it match with your own essence? Does it require a uniform? The best advice I can give you is that if your essence is not compatible with the one of the company, don’t even go, look for something else. Even if somehow you manage to get that job, and as much as you might need the money, working everyday in a place that makes you feel uncomfortable is a perfect recipe for catastrophe.


As far as your outfits concern. If the job requires uniform, you can go dressed in tones and lines of the institution. For example: If the uniform is white, go dressed in light colors that are favorable to you, this way your image is more inclusive than exclusive. Or if they wear suits, wear one, and so on. This way you mimic their appearance in order to generate a rapport.

If there’s no uniform, and considering you already analyzed the essence of the company in comparison with yours, just be yourself. Start from your own essence and polish it a bit. According to “the 7 styles by Alice and Parente”, the Elegant style is always an ideal aspirational to mix with your own. For example a casual look for men (keep in mind that dark colors have a higher executive code), you may wear dark jeans, button dress shirt, a blazer and depending on your style maybe a pocket square or a broche on your lapel. Try to wear a good quality light wool blazer maybe S120 o higher fabric quality.


For women, a rather structural dress, preferably in just 1 color and simple. Avoid sundresses and light flowing fabrics. The detail comes with the purse and shoes. Always use heels because they style up your figure. How high? As high as you’re to still able to walk freely. Don’t forget, RED communicates authority for women.


Finally keep in mind to educate yourself about that company, their culture, habits and definitely the basic skills required for the job. Image is perception, but it always needs to be backed up by knowledge abilities.


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